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lint is a flash game created by Newgrounds user PCpr0gramer. It also features music by broove.

The player plays as a small round grey character that can jump up walls to get from location-to-location. This character must survive various obstacles without getting killed, or he will have to start that section of the game over again. The goal is to get through the level as fast as possible. It is a very sleek and seamless game with enjoyable gameplay that you can easily jump into and get used to quickly. It is easy to be immersed into the world of this flash game.

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The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

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Run Fast, Run Fancy. In The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 you play as a character that must get from world-to-world by getting an object to the goal at the end. There are plenty of obstacles and bad guys to slow you down when you are running as if your life depended on it.

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Fancy Pants

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Portal: The Flash Version

Portal: The Flash Version

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Portal: The Flash Version is a flash game created by We Create Stuff based off of the award-winning video game Portal.

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