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Portal 2 Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for Portal 2 has been released. The game itself will be released in 2011.

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Portal 2 slated for a 2011 release

Portal 2

via omohide.com

Valve, the creators of some of the best-selling game franchises out there including Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike, and Half-Life; and software such as Steam and the Source game engine, has announced Portal 2 which is slated for release in 2011 (not fall of 2010 as previously announced) for the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Xbox 360 platforms.

Portal 2 is the sequel to Portal (released in 2007), which has won over 70 industry achievement awards and over 30 Game of the Year awards.

Email statement from Valve:
June 9, 2010 — Aperture Science, doing business as Aperture Laboratories LLC, in partnership with Valve today announced the successful completion of an ethics-review-panel-supervised release date restructuring process. Portal 2, the sequel to the ground-breaking title that earned over 30 Game of the Year awards despite missing its original ship date, is now targeted for a 2011 release.

They also went on to mention that, “… the game will be even better.

Update 1: Portal 2 is coming to the PlayStation 3.

Update 2: Demo Gameplay footage: